New Typo3 Podcast Extension Release

By 27. 10 2010November 9th, 2012One Comment

The last day, I checked my veeeery old e-mail address after years and found some feature-requests and bug-reports for my podcast extension that provides typo3 the ability to create audio-podcasts. I haven’t touched it since 2008 so I was pleased to find out, that it still worked with the current version of typo3. I was also amazed, that after all this years, nbo_podcast seems to bee the only (widely used) extension that provides this functionality.

A common request was to make it possible for podcast producers to link files hosted on a different server than typo3. With the newest release version 2.0.3 uploaded to the Typo3 TER today, I added this possibility together with some bug-fixes and small changes. The Manual has undergone a slight update with new Screenshots. Go ahead and download the extension and RTFM (Read The Famous Manual).

One Comment

  • Jeff sagt:

    Hello, is there a limitation on how many episodes are allowed on an podcast xml feed? Our church site has 47 for 2012 and when trying to add a 48th and keep going on the same podcast for 2013, it gives an error below:

    Validating the security token of this form has failed. Please reload the form and submit it again.

    Is there a fix for this error? What do you suggest? Is there a max episode value that I can adjust to accomodate unlimited episodes? Thanks for your help Noël.